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Orcan Group, which offers many services with high capacity from thermal insulation products used in building production to ceiling decoration, from injection machines to CNC cutting, works with the understanding of perfect service.


Production without Mold R&D Injection

CNC Cutting


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Orcan Group supports the production of products needed in the packaging and thermal insulation sector with innovative ideas that will add new values to customer needs and expectations. It maintains its leadership in the sector with its products, technology and services, offering high quality, timely and perfect production.

Our must-have:

High technology…

Orcan Group gives priority to internal and external customer felicity by producing in accordance with national and international standards, without categorizing its customers according to their size. It contributes to the society and the national economy by creating values for business partners, employees and industry players.

Our first priority:

Customer Felicity

With the understanding of social responsibility, production supports sustainability by creating environmental awareness in order to prevent environmental pollution with its employees and business partners. Determined to maintain a safe working environment with all its business partners for years, Orcan Group continues to create added value for our country.

Customer Felicity:

Conscious work…

Articles From The Expert

In this section, referring to concepts such as knowledge, speed, technology and environmental awareness, which are increasingly valuable today; there are articles, each of which is written by experts in their field, and includes important topics.


Expanded Polystyrene Rigid Foam (EPS - Expanded Polystyren Foam) is a typically white thermoplastic material with closed pores in foam form obtained from petroleum by polymerization of styrene monomer. There are also products in gray [...]

Usage areas of EPS

EPS IN HEAT INSULATION Standard is the standard defined as "TS 7316 EN 13163 Thermal Insulation Products - For buildings - fabricated expanded polystyrene foam - properties". The important feature of the content of this [...]


EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) is a foam, thermoplastic, closed-pored material obtained from petroleum, with a very high thermal insulation value and typically white. Thanks to its closed cell structure, it is light, rigid and has very [...]

Orcan Family

The Orcan Group family works resolutely, from our top executives, especially to our founder Mehmet Orhan Canseven, to our staff in our smallest unit, with love, respect and trust; It is constantly on the way to serve our industry and our country. From the eyes of our employees, being an Orcan employee requires self-sacrifice and reliability. Because we have been seeing this devotion and trust from our company for years and we get strength from it.

Gülseli Canseven

Chairman of the board

Zafer Arslan

Finance Director

Armağan Akyıldırım

General Coordinator

Mustafa Demirel

Marketing Expert


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