The purpose of the activity of ORCAN ASPHALT AND INSULATION PRODUCTS CORPORATION is to produce the products needed in the packaging and heat insulation sector under the conditions that will meet the demands and expectations of the customers at the highest level, and to offer them on time and completely.
For this purpose, ORCAN ASPHALT AND INSULATION PRODUCTS CORPORATION, in order to provide beneficial services to our customers, aims at perfection, primarily to increase the satisfaction of all our customers; In the products and services we provide; It establishes a quality management system that aims to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level, manage customer feedback effectively, eliminate non-value-creating transactions and deliver on time with efficient use of resources and continuous improvement.
• To ensure the formation of a participatory and pluralistic management understanding in our institution and to encourage leadership and employee participation in all our processes for this purpose,

• To increase education, cultural and sportive activities for continuous improvement; To create awareness in every part of the society about the benefits of these activities and to spread them to the base and to ensure the establishment and settlement of corporate culture in this way

• To provide and implement applicable conditions by continuously monitoring the effectiveness of the ISO 9001: 2015 quality management system and making the necessary improvements,

• To create, implement and carry out effective quality management systems in all processes in our institution in order to provide sustainable services at international standards,

• To create a fast and effective working system by using technological opportunities in corporate communication with our suppliers and customers.

Chairman of the Board
Gülseli Canseven